KeplerSwap is the first decentralized DeFI 2.0 exchange structure and professional, decentralized, intelligent Binance Chain trading platform. Keplerswap is building to be the most efficient, effective framework that will ever exist for DeFi. In addition to providing complete access to DeFi 1.0, Kepler Swap also offers other services such as reference, space, lucky pool, etc.

KeplerSwap is breaking the social barrier in the present decentralized financial sector by linking users (DeFi 2.0) through the introduced referral scheme (DeFi 1.0). KeplerSwap is also working on a group that consolidates the ecosystem and provides a complete, decentralized finance solution.

The KeplerSwap Platform

The KeplerSwap platform, which produces transactions and trading no-brainer for investors, will also include multi-chain and cross-chain capabilities.

In addition, KeplerSwap has designed the SPACE and the Jumbo Lucky Pool function for an interest. These try to encourage or compensate investors to contribute to liquidity and connect liquidity providers to enhance the system’s sustainability.

The Token Metrics of SDS Token

Before we consider the future value of Seeds token, the native token of KeplerSwap, let’s look briefly at its tokenomics.

SDS is the native token of the platform. A total of 210,000,000 SDS is provided by this token. 80% of this supply will result from mining; 10% from private placement and 10% from marketing and other related businesses. The remaining 10% of the supply will be for mining.

No SDS is allocated for the team, so investors won’t need to worry about selling their tokens and perhaps collapsing the business. You’re secure in your hands.

What Future Does $SDS Hold?

Exchange tokens were well-known for their success in the crypto market and the SDS is one of the world’s leading assets.

Looking above all at the roadmap and the hypocritical features of the platform, you can be sure that SDS this year is imminent. It is only time until many more DeFI projects jump on the DeFI 2.0 keypulse swap notion that this project brings to light what was not seen in the crypto field.

By the 3rd of 2022, KeplerSwap will take over the world as the platform creates its public blockchain!

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