Enhancing Privacy and Anonymity: A Comprehensive Guide to Integrating Nym

Tim Israel
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This tutorial is designed for users looking to integrate Nym into their products or services to bolster privacy and anonymity. Nym is an esteemed privacy-focused platform that delivers a robust mix network infrastructure, ensuring secure and anonymous communication. In this tutorial, you will gain the expertise needed to seamlessly integrate Nym into your applications, services, or products. To illustrate this process, we will utilize the integration of Nym with the renowned messaging application, Element (formerly known as Riot). However, it’s worth noting that the principles discussed here are versatile and can be applied to a wide range of use cases.


Before we dive deeper into this tutorial, it’s crucial to have the following prerequisites:

  1. A proficient understanding of the Linux command line.
  2. Access to a dedicated server or cloud instance to facilitate the deployment of your Nym infrastructure.
  3. A foundational knowledge of Docker and the principles of containerization.

Tutorial Steps:

Step 1: Server or Cloud Instance Setup;

The first step involves the establishment of a server or cloud instance where your Nym infrastructure will be deployed. This can be executed on a provider of your choosing, whether it’s AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, or your own self-hosted server.

Step 2: Docker Installation;

Ensuring Docker is installed on your server is of paramount importance. If it’s not pre-installed, you can execute the following command to facilitate the installation:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install docker.io

Step 3: Deploying the Nym Mix Node;

Nym provides Docker images specifically designed for its mix nodes. The next stage involves pulling the Nym mix node Docker image and running a container on your server. This is achieved by executing the following commands:

docker pull nymtech/nym-mixnode:latest
docker run --name nym-mixnode -d -it --net host -p 1789:1789 nymtech/nym-mixnode:latest --directory /root/nym --host --incentives-address <YOUR_INCENTIVES_ADDRESS>

Ensure you replace <YOUR_INCENTIVES_ADDRESS> with your designated incentives address. Additionally, make certain that your server's firewall permits traffic on port 1789.

Step 4: Mix Node Registration;

Proceed to the Nym Incentives Portal to complete the registration process for your mix node. As a token of appreciation for your registration, you will be awarded testnet tokens.

Step 5: Configuring Element (Riot);

If you haven’t already set up Element (Riot), please adhere to the installation guidelines suitable for your platform. For comprehensive details, you can refer to the Element website.

Step 6: Custom Server Configuration for Element;

Element is designed to support custom server configurations. Access your Element client and navigate to the settings. Integrate your Nym mix node as a custom server by following these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Custom Server.
  • Add your server’s IP address and port (1789).

Step 7: Testing the Configuration;

Following the configuration of Element with Nym, it’s advisable to transmit messages to verify that they are being securely routed through your Nym mix node, thereby ensuring anonymity and privacy.

Step 8: Integrating Nym with Your Services;

For those inclined to integrate Nym into their proprietary services or applications, the Nym API offers a versatile solution. Nym’s comprehensive documentation provides detailed insights into how to interact with the Nym mixnet via the API, allowing for the transmission and reception of messages with enhanced privacy.


By integrating Nym into your products or services, you are equipped to elevate privacy and anonymity for your user base. This tutorial has adeptly demonstrated the process of setting up Nym on a server, configuring a well-recognized messaging application (Element), and facilitating message transmission through the Nym mixnet. These principles can be further extended to seamlessly incorporate Nym into your proprietary services or applications, thus presenting a privacy-focused solution to your users. For a deeper understanding and optimization, explore Nym’s comprehensive documentation and resources.

This tutorial equips you with the knowledge and expertise to offer a heightened level of security and privacy to your users, making the most of Nym’s privacy-centric platform.

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