Topping Up your S-Wallet Account with Bank Card.

Tim Israel
3 min readJun 8, 2022

S-Wallet is a very basic and user-friendly layout that allows clients to navigate the app quickly and easily, saving them time and effort. You may get secure and convenient transactions using S-Wallet.

You can now buy crypto assets with Visa and Mastercard credit cards through S-Wallet. This post will walk you through the process of setting up your S-wallet and funding it using your bank card.

The S-Wallet app is available for Android and iOS devices, and you can get it here:

For Android Users;

For IOS Users;

How to Top-Up Your S-Wallet?

  • You log into your account to add money to your S- wallet using your bank cards. You may access your account by logging in.
  • Then, from the “Get” menu, select the asset you want; in the “Transfer network” column, choose “Visa or MasterCard” as the bank card type.
  • Choose the currency that will be deducted from the card;
  • Fill in the appropriate amount.
  • Read the risks and agree to them before clicking the “Deposit” button.
  • Follow the service instructions on the offered window to complete the payment, and you’re done.

Why Choose S-Wallet?

Crypto wallets are extremely useful tools for crypto traders and other cryptocurrency users since they allow them to properly manage their holdings. There are a myriad of crypto wallets on the market today due to the enormous popularity of cryptocurrencies and the ease with which crypto wallets enable users purchase, sell, and swap their assets.

Crypto wallets offer a wide range of functions, but only a few can guarantee the security of their users’ assets while also providing enticing features. Some wallets have a sophisticated user interface that is not user-friendly, while others are plagued by technological flaws that jeopardize the security of users’ assets.

S-Wallet on the other hand, is unique, and there is a lot you can do with it. S-Wallet is an exemplary example of a crypto wallet that provides top-tier security while still providing excellent features. S-Wallet solves the challenges that most crypto wallets have, and it provides a satisfying experience for its customers.

S-Wallet increases control over financial transactions at all stages thanks to a highly efficient two-factor authentication mechanism, addressing security vulnerabilities seen in other online wallets.

The S-Wallet software uses a three-layered approach to keep transaction history private and safe for future reference while also giving customers complete control. Only a few wallets have combined S-features, Wallet’s therefore the wallet distinguishes out because it smoothly combines the digital and traditional markets.

Want to learn more about S-Wallet, Visit;

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