Introducing Lucky Pool: Motivating active Liquidity Providers

The Lucky Pool Incentives

Why introduce the Lucky Pool?

  • To provide Kepler users high random rewards while encouraging them to actively participate in liquidity market making.
  • To encourage KeplerSwap users promote the KeplerSwap project by giving incentives as they introduce new users to the ecosystem.
  • To encourage users to actively provide liquidity on the platform, by offering high random rewards.

How does it work?

The Lucky Pool Algorithm

  • let data1 = hash (block.timestamp, block.difficulty, msg.sender, block.
    coinbase, block.number)
    let data2 = hash (, gasleft(), tx.gasprice)
    let data = hash (last_data1, last_data2)
    Let num = uint8(uint256(keccak256(abi.encodePacked(data, data1,
    data2, userinput)))%10);
    let success = num = 1

Blockchain Enthusiast, Graphics designer and Forex Trader

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Precious Velas

Precious Velas

Blockchain Enthusiast, Graphics designer and Forex Trader

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