Introducing Lucky Pool: Motivating active Liquidity Providers

The Lucky Pool Incentives

For the purpose of a balanced and sustainable ecosystem in KeplerSwap, KeplerSwap has ensured that new users acquire a referral relationship with existing users, and this is where the Lucky Pool comes into play. While all referral relationships are inextricably linked, the invitee's revenue is related to the inviter. KeplerSwap will set aside it native tokens, SDS, as well as BUSD as reward tokens for the lucky Pool.

Why introduce the Lucky Pool?

  • To provide Kepler users high random rewards while encouraging them to actively participate in liquidity market making.
  • To encourage KeplerSwap users promote the KeplerSwap project by giving incentives as they introduce new users to the ecosystem.
  • To encourage users to actively provide liquidity on the platform, by offering high random rewards.

How does it work?

When a new user is referred to the KeplerSwap, this user has to maintain this referral relationship with existing users. This relationship is forever, that is the inviter, existing user, and the invitee, new user, will be linked together by the platform permanently.

The Lucky Pool Algorithm

  • let data1 = hash (block.timestamp, block.difficulty, msg.sender, block.
    coinbase, block.number)
    let data2 = hash (, gasleft(), tx.gasprice)
    let data = hash (last_data1, last_data2)
    Let num = uint8(uint256(keccak256(abi.encodePacked(data, data1,
    data2, userinput)))%10);
    let success = num = 1



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