Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, the crypto business has grown at an exponential rate. While Bitcoin was formerly considered a niche interest, it has grown into a multibillion-dollar business with crypto exchanges, blockchain protocols, financial services, data aggregators, technology suppliers, media, conferences, smartphone apps, hardware tools, and a developing regulatory framework.

Let’s consider a few component of the general Crypto Ecosystem before diving deep into Roseon Finance Ecosystem.

Crypto exchanges are, without a doubt, the most crucial part of the crypto ecosystem. These exchanges operate as on-ramps for investors and traders to enter and exit the crypto market, and the trading activity that takes place on them affects the pricing of the different crypto assets available today.

Blockchain is the underlying technology that allows cryptocurrencies to exist. There are numerous blockchain protocols, each with its own set of technological characteristics, strengths, and drawbacks.

As a result of the high volume of activity on blockchains, massive volumes of data are generated, and a sub-industry of data aggregators and blockchain analytics has emerged in the crypto ecosystem. For a quick check on cryptocurrency and exchange statistics, companies like CoinMarketCap are the go-to sources.

Roseon Finance is a Mobile Multi-chain Yield Aggregator that brings DeFi to your pocket with the goal of simplifying your crypto experience. With hybrid solutions, Roseon bridges centralized and decentralized financial services and acts as the gateway to DeFi and the Roseon app was built to help onboard new users to DeFi with its customer-centricity.

Key Element of Roseon Finance Ecosystem

  • Roseon Mobile
  • Roseon.DeFi
  • Roseon Aggregator Service

Roseon Mobile is a cryptocurrency mobile app that tightly combines with CeFi and DeFi services in a single interface to assist ease the digital asset investing process.

The Roseon Mobile has several features and it includes;

  • Smart Savings
  • NFT Gallery
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Roseon’s User experience
  • Swaps
  • Yield Farming

Let’s take a brief look at this features

  • Smart Savings

This works in the same way as a regular bank demand or term deposit, in which users deposit money and earn interest. Roseon Finance is an app that allows users to lend their crypto assets and earn interest on them.

Roseon Smart Savings features are its lowest-risk options, with smart algorithms that maximise returns by leveraging lending networks on centralized exchanges.

  • NFT Gallery

NFTs are cryptographic tokens that represent a one-of-a-kind asset with digital scarcity that cannot be traded. In terms of both value and attributes, each NFT is completely distinct from the others.

Roseon’s NFT gallery gives an opportunity to store and view your rare digital arts and collectibles and sell them at favorable prices at Open Sea or Rarible.

  • Portfolio Manager

Roseon Finance’s Portfolio Manager is a software solution that allows you to build, monitor, and rebalance your own crypto (main and altcoin) portfolio while remaining in full control. Without relying on third-party management or consultants, you may monitor and apply your holding strategies at any time with the Roseon Finance App.

  • Swap

Roseon Swaps will scan across CEXs and DEXs for the best liquidity and lowest fees, then give the user with the best accessible options for swapping their tokens. Traders can make swing trades using the Swap function, while farmers profit from the low charge cross-chain swap.

  • Roseon’s User Experience

User experience is critical for solving real-world challenges and assisting people in achieving their financial goals without disruption or complication. Roseon’s user experience team examines end-user problems and provides tailored solutions to solve them.

  • Yield Farming

Yield farming is a fair concept in which users can contribute liquidity to liquidity pools, and the monies collected are used to make market trades.

Roseon collects the best-paying pools and assists users in adding liquidity without putting their money at danger. The risk is managed by Roseon’s algorithmic farming system, which selects systems with gas-efficient smart contracts.


Roseon.DeFi is a decentralized yield farming application. The DApp (Decentralized Application) will serve as our decentralized liquidity provider, swap, and DeFi aggregator.

It has three main features;



Liquidity Provider


The Roseon.DeFi Vault feature is a yield optimizer platform that aims to provide DeFi customers with auto-compounded yields at ideal intervals, as well as the ability to pool gas expenses through smart contract codes that apply advanced yield optimization algorithms. To offer the best APYs on our vaults, it employs a patented dynamic harvesting optimizer.


The Swap feature is a DEX aggregator that gets queries for the best prices from various DEXs. This feature splits trades across multiple DEXs to ensure the best prices and lowest slippage possible. Trades with Swap also become non-front-runnable and non-arbitrable.

Liquidity Provider

Many decentralized exchanges (DEX) rely on liquidity pools, such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Sushiswap. Roseon. DeFi will have its own Automated market makers (AMM) and will allow its users to participate in the ecosystem as liquidity providers (LPs), earning trading fees according to their share of overall liquidity from trades that occur in their pool.

Roseon Aggregator Service

To provide liquidity, yield, and NFTs into the Roseon ecosystem, the Roseon Aggregator Service interfaces with external CeFi and DeFi sources.

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