MetaLaunch announces Strategic Partnership with One World Nation

Tim Israel
3 min readMay 30, 2022


One World Nation, the first Metaverse game in which real-environment events govern the virtual world, has collaborated with MetaLaunch.
One World Nation (OWN) is gamifying the crypto ecosystem in order to propel it forward.

The MetaLaunch is the first of Asva Labs’ unique products. MetaLaunch is Asva Labs’ flagship product and the world’s first multi-chain metaverse launchpad and accelerator specialized to the NFT and GameFi industries.

Both project are super excited to enter this strategic partnership agreement, as it provides an avenue to take forward their vision to fuel metaverse growth through innovation. The partnership will nurture metaverse and further improve their ecosystem, as well as nurture gaming project in their early development phases, utilizing our wide ecosystem and industry networks.

Asva Labs’ MetaLaunch intends to build and foster a decentralized metaverse ecosystem by bringing in retail crypto investors into a space that is currently being exploited by decentralized tech giants, resulting in an economy that benefits you and me.

MetaLaunch, as a multi-chain launchpad, supports projects based on a variety of blockchain ecosystems, including BSC, Polygon, Ethereum, and others. The challenge of interoperability in the metaverse ecosystem is addressed by this multi-chain capability.

What does One World Nation Stand to benefit from this partnership?

Getting Projects Connected to VC’s & Kol’s;

As a benefit of launching with MetaLaunch, you’ll have access to some of the industry’s greatest investors and venture capitalists, who will provide you with the best financial and advising assistance. There are currently roughly 50+ KOLs on the MetaLaunch Advisory Board, and incubation with MetaLaunch would give you access to these industrial behemoths and their advise on your initiatives.

MetaLaunch will connect your startup with these prominent venture capitalists and Kol’s, ensuring that your business receives significant funding and advisory help from the blockchain sector.

Community building and strengthening;

Extensive media attention is one of the benefits of using MetaLaunch to launch your business. MetaLaunch works with a number of well-known media outlets to ensure that your projects get the most coverage possible both before and after the IDO/IGO Event.

Every project’s basic foundation is made up of community members, and it is vital to develop a strong community in order to get started in the blockchain industry.

MetaLaunch would assist in building a strong community for One world Nation, and this goes both ways. This partnership will greatly impact their ecosystems.

IGO, IMO launches

On its dedicated launchpad, MetaLaunch hosts first DEX offerings for gaming and metaverse projects. This is a fantastic strategy to obtain initial liquidity while also keeping the community engaged. If One World Nation is looking to launch IMO/IGO, Metalaunch will surely come through.

Let’s look at the Mission statement of One World Nation before we wrap it up.

Statements of Mission — One World Nation

Creating with the help of the community

Create a platform for the community that was built by the community for the community. Create significant opportunities for every consumer to become a producer in order to ensure a circular economy.

Easy Platform Accessibility

Develop platform features (NFT Lending, tournament sponsorships, etc.) to ensure that the next billion users are onboarded for free or at a low cost.

Create Product Experience That Is Effortless

With straightforward processes and user interactions across online and mobile, you can create a consumer-first product experience.

Create a Web3 product for broad adoption that does not necessitate a thorough understanding of blockchain or permissionless wallets, for example, in order to be effective.

Create a Long-Term Economy To secure the economy’s long-term viability, develop tokenomics, NFT utilities, and business models.

Create an economy that allows for predictable value creation for all market participants.

About Metalaunch

MetaLaunch is the world’s first multi-chain project launchpad and accelerator. It provides strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to support the virtual and gaming economy.

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