The Asva Labs Metaverse Ecosystem

The metaverse is a notion that combines two concepts that have long existed: virtual reality and digital augmented reality.

The future metaverse is anticipated to fully support augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the connection necessary to connect all worlds.

Metaverse will foster a commercial environment for people from all over the world, rather than only a social atmosphere. Indeed, in its most self-contained form, anyone will be able to construct a space and become a member of a user-generated global community on an interoperable multiplatform where they may share their games or goods with the rest of the world.

Asva Labs is on the verge of establishing a Metaverse economy unlike any other. Asva Labs is a cutting-edge research facility that focuses on using creativity and flexibility to develop new ideas, products, processes, and services that solve issues and create new trends.

Asva Labs is a cutting-edge platform that powers next-generation interoperable DeFi, NFTs, and metaverse applications. It’s a cutting-edge lab that uses Web3 blockchain technology to pave the path for a decentralized interactive ecosystem.

Asva Labs provides various unique MetaFi solutions to improve the utility of virtual-world assets and, as a result, speed up the metaverse economy’s growth.

We have seen an overview of Asvalabs, now lets dive into its product. The first we will be considering is it pioneer product, Metalaunch.


MetaLaunch is Asva Labs’ first product, and it is the world’s first multichain metaverse launchpad and incubator. It creates strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to support the virtual and gaming economy. MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations are all part of the Asvaverse ecosystem. The MetaFi application package boosts the efficiency of virtual ownership assets.

Metaverse Marketplace

The world’s first marketplace dedicated to trading and renting virtual ownership-based metaverse assets, such as virtual real estate, metaverse assets, and play-to-earn assets, in the form of virtual real estate, metaverse assets, and play-to-earn assets. Users will be able to trade and rent assets from the top metaverse and gaming projects using the platform designed for the metaverse business.

The goal is to increase the monetary value of NFTs by allowing them to rent their assets to borrowers without transferring ownership. Because borrowers are creators, they can leverage the assets they rent to generate income and contribute a share of that income to the asset holders.
Trade, Rent, and Launch are the three pillars of the Metaverse Marketplace for virtual property, virtual lands, play to earn assets, and metaverse NFTs.

Asva Game Guild

The ASVA Games guild aims to give the gaming community access to the best Play-To-Earn ecosystems by giving resources such as NFTs, training, and support to players who want to join these ecosystems. This will be under ASVA guilds for various P2E games such as axie infinite, splinterlands, thetan arena, and PegaXY, among others.

ASVA games guild will eventually become a DAO of like-minded individuals who join together to play games, have fun, and be rewarded for their efforts and time. ASVA Labs is a part of the ASVA Labs ecosystem.

Asva games guild has synergistic relationships with other ASVA laboratories products, such as MetaLaunch, allowing us to be involved in every phase of blockchain gaming, from the launch of project tokens to the trading of metaverse assets.

MetaFi DeFi Vault

The MetaFi DeFi platform provides ecosystem projects with staking and farming features, allowing users to experiment with different ways to gain staking rewards. Through yield farming and ASVA token staking, Asva MetaFi DeFi Vault intends to promote liquidity pools and claim APYs. New projects can use the vault’s services for a variety of purposes.

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