The Economics of Mogul’s STARS

Tim Israel
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Every Crypto project has its utility, and this utility is tied to its use case. Any utility without a solid use case can not strive in the crypto market. Most times, these projects fold up and the utility losses all of its value, becoming worthless and causing the investor or any holder of this utility to be Ashdrake.

This might sound gibberish to a newbie in the space who may be reading this piece, for their sake let’s elucidate further.

What is a Crypto Utility?

A utility token is a virtual or digital token of cryptocurrency projects, issued in order to fund for the development of this crypto project and that in turn can be used to purchase a good or service offered by the issuer of the digital tokens.

These tokens are fungible and tradeable assets or utilities with their own blockchains. Crypto tokens are frequently used to raise funds for crowd sales, but they can also be used to replace other items. The conventional initial coin offering (ICO) method, which comprises a crowdsourcing exercise to fund projects, is used to produce, distribute, sell, and circulate these tokens.

Introducing STARS Token

Running on Ethereum network, the STARS token is an ERC20 token to interact with the Mogul Platform and the Mogul Community. Let’s dive a little into the project Mogul Productions to get a better insight into STARS token.

Mogul as the first Decentralized Film Finance;

Mogul is an inclusive and immersive platform that aims to disrupt established film and entertainment funding processes by allowing people to participate actively in the screenplay to screen process. With a focus on content curation, audience development, and self-funding.

Goals, Mission, and Vision

Lisa Sun created Mogul Productions in 2018 as a decentralized film finance (DeFiFi) platform to offer inclusivity and transparency to film production. The sole purpose for creating this great project was bring together filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and film financiers in one place, andensuring that members could contribute to the greatest films, with $2.5 million in funds and assets already committed.

This project is aimed at revolutionizing the film industry through blockchain, by creating transparency where every party are involved in film making proces. Mogul is driven by the vision of being future of a decentralized film industry courtesy of its community engagement.

Mogul STARS Tokenomics

As mentioned earlier, every crypto utility is bounded by its use case, so as in the case of STARS token. Now with STARS token, fans can participate film making process, having influence and insider into Hollywood. The STARS token gives you the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards through staking, trivia participation, and other community activities. As a fan, STARS tokens give you the power to vote on which projects get green light, and you can even submit your own projects for consideration, and get rewarded for your involvement in giving films.

The STARS token is backed by a solid use case, and this is what makes it a solid gem, and I advise you acumulate some now.


The community is really engaging the Mogul project. Mogul members can earn a total of 40 million STARS tokens as part of the growth campaign. The STARS ETH pool will receive 90% of the payouts, while the STARS pool will receive 10% of the rewards. The STARS Token earned can be used to purchase a reward in the marketplace, and also have access support upcoming projects as a member.

On the 16th of June, Mogul Productions observed a booming 38.6% of all STARS tokens growing the Mogul community, with 115 million STARS tokens locked in the Mogul growth farming program out of 297,375,326 total, which is equivalent to a booming 38.6% of all STARS tokens growing the Mogul community.

More than 35 million STARS tokens have been pooled for the Mogul growth farming scheme on Uniswap, and 75 million tokens have been locked up through Mogul’s Master Chef contract.

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