The crypto economy has risen exponentially since Bitcoin was established in 2009. Bitcoin used to be considered a niche interest, but has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise with crypto-exchanges, blockchain protocols, financial services, data aggregators, technology providers, media, conference calls, smartphone apps, hardware tools, and a regulatory framework that is being developed.

Before we dive deep into the Rigel Protocol Ecosystem, let's look at the Crypto-space at large.
When we talk about the Ecosystem, what does it really entail?

There are several components that makes up the Crypto ecosystem, and they include;

  • Crypto Exchanges

The most important aspect of the crypto-ecological system is, without any doubt, the crypto-exchange. These bonds are used as on-ramps to join and exit the crypto market for investors and traders, and the trade that takes place there affects the pricing of the various crypto assets accessible at present.

  • Blockchain Protocols

Blockchain is the technology underlying the existence of cryptocurrencies. The blockchain protocols are various and each one has its own range of technologies, benefits and disadvantages.

  • Data Aggregator and Blockchain Analyst

Due to the huge volume of activities on blockchains, enormous data volumes are generated and the crypto ecosystem has created a sub-industry of data aggregators and the blockchain analysis. Companies such as CoinMarketCap are the sources for rapid checking cryptocurrency and exchange statistics.

Rigel Protocol Ecosystem

Rigel is a decentralized protocol for a variety of DeFi products from Blockchain. A protocol designed to enhance and upgrade existing Decent Finance (DeFi) functions, while implementing various unique DeFi products to promote scalability, safety, the user experience and acceptance in Blockchain.

The Rigel Protocol is fully created, developed and operated by the Community of the Rigel Protocol. Within the community, all suggestions and decisions are made and decided.

The Rigel Protocol is a platform designed to satisfy humans. As users are retained inside their decision-making and ownership, users can thus control the funds non-custodial. There is no need for KYC, anonymity and users' personal identification are ensured. No authentication of passwords, wallet keys, seed phrases or 2 factors necessary for using the platform. The intelligent contracts verified and audited all transactions and interactions, thus, making it safe as the Blockchain.

Components of Rigel Protocol Ecosystem

The Rigel Protocol Ecosystem comprises several components to satisfy human needs. These components include the Chains, Farming, Swaps, and the gaming features. and we'll be looking at each one of them in detail.


The Rigel Protocol will build its intelligent agreements on the firmly developed Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Chain. Within our members of the Community our management side of the platform would discuss the addition of various other chains.

The Rigel Protocol combines the usage of the Binance Smart Chain with the Ethereum Chain to ensure lower prices and faster trade, inter alia with access to a large spectrum of tokens and cash.

Rigel Protocol Smart Swapping and Cross-Chain Swapping

Rigel's smart swaps protocol is the basic exchange that will allow users to trade different tokens including USDT, LINK, DAI, CRO, UNI, YFI, OMG and HEX with a lot of other tokens like the BNB, ETH, BAND or Ethereum Chain. This will be quite different from the DEFi 2.0 Swapping Exchange we are familiar with. It will be a refined Smart Swapping with improved User Interface and better User Experience, with new amazing features.

Looking at the roadmap, a cross-chain exchange will be developed in the later phase of the project. This feature will allow users to swap to $RGP Binance Smart Chain and vice versa their $RGP Ethereum chain tokens.

Rigel Protocol Yield Farming and Margin Trading

Rigel Protocol Yield Farming will offer a decentralized platform for protecting liquidity providers by having a lower APY. This will allow users to farm tokens over the period taken based on the assets supplied into the platform.

In order to assist users to address the problem of leveraging, RigelProtocol will enable margin trading in the decentralized financial arena. The market-margin product will become more user centered so that margin traders have a new set of basis.


The Rigel Protocol platform will be launching a number of Decentralized Gaming Products that will allow competitions for users.

Using the native platform token, players are allowed to participate in the tournaments. All game fees would be paid in $RGP tokens and entry fees to competitors might be paid in a coin or token.

Various sorts of tournaments will be offered, such as regular, league and knockout, with more choices for Community voting or ideas to be added.

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