These products range from cross-chain operations, token smart swapping, yield farming, margin trading, and many more.

What makes these products Unique?

Products like Cross chain operations guarantee low transaction fees without the need to leave funds in custody to third parties or go through the KYC process.

These products are completely designed, developed and driven by the Rigel Protocol community.
This product guarantees the users a say in proposals and decision-making developments in Rigel Protocol.

Now let's dive deep into these products and look at the effect it has on the community;

Smart Swapping and Yield Farming

The DEFi 2.0 swapping exchange we know about will be substantially different from this exchange. It is a refined Smart Swapping with an enhanced UI / UI experience and new, important functionality.

In addition, through our liquidity pool, the Rigel community members can deliver cash flow so that they earn a portion of Rigel Protocol's costs. In a new ecosystem, users can shift between different tokens and chains fast and cheaply, without having to order books or send deposits directly through their wallet.

Margin Trading

Why is this product different from other Margin Trading Products offered by other DeFi platforms?

  • Without the necessity of the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols or time-wasting, the Rigel Protocol margin trading platform will offer users a decentralised independence as well as ensuring anonymity mixed with the best level of safety.
  • Many manipulations occur with regard to the prices and supply of particular assets on centralized platforms.
    The Margin Trading Product of RigelProtocol would benefit from pricing on various leading DeFi trading platforms, thus reducing Manipulations in the market.
  • The Rigel Protocol margin trading offers users non-custodial Wallets that will enable users to hold their funds without needing to store or deposit them on exchanges. Users will all have full control of the wallet owner at all times, which allows to keep security at
    the highest levels.
  • With this product, users can provide funds (Liquidity) to the lending pool through the RigelProtocol lending interface and earn interest from users taking loans from the lending pool.

Cross-Chain Swap

Yield Farming

This product will allow users to farm tokens over the period taken based on the assets supplied into the platform.


Note, all gaming fees would be paid in $RGP tokens and
Competition entry fees can be paid in any other coin or token.

Benefits of Rigel Protocol Products

  • Direct cross chain swapping without order books, deposits or coin wrapping.
  • High Yield Annual Interest for $RGP token holders and Liquidity Providers.
  • It gives users a complete control of your funds.
  • The transaction fees is incredibly low
  • Transactions are fast, convenient & secure.
  • It gives users the privilege to swap across various chains in one place.

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