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Tim Israel
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The world has been significantly impacted by technology in its many manifestations. It is a significant factor in how far the world has advanced. Science, technology, and even cutting-edge engineering have all contributed to greatly easing human life. The breakthroughs in these numerous sectors have actually improved practically every element of human life, and we have yet to discover all the impossible things that are actually attainable.
Robonomics is one project that effectively depicts the development of technology. Let me take you on a journey down the road to enlightenment since you might be wondering what they are all about.

What is Robonomics?

Robonomics is an open-source platform for IoT applications. They facilitate a new wave of internet technologies (web3) that enable the exchange of technical and economic data via atomic transactions between user applications, IoT services, and complex robotics.
Robonomics enables users to connect to smart devices through decentralized applications (dapp), which do not require user data transfer for authentication. Communication occurs through a decentralized network of providers with no single point of failure, and the device independently obtains information from the blockchain network to run for execution or remotely transmit data.
Robonomics includes a comprehensive set of tools for creating IoT applications, both on the robotics and user interface fronts. The most successful Web3 technologies – IPFS, Ethereum, and Polkadot – are used to communicate between the user and the device.

Some of the reasons why Robonomics was developed include:


Blockchain networks have all of the criteria in place to ensure the highest level of security when launching devices and receiving tracking data. Interaction with a device can be described as changing the state of the digital twin stored in the blockchain network and communicating this information to the physical device. When using a permissionless blockchain, users can be assured of global provider availability as well as a high level of data protection of the digital twin from unwanted changes.


We can discuss institutional achievements in terms of automated systems' direct access to digital markets via cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. The applications developed presently to link up end users and IoT devices will be far more efficient if payment and terms of service are directly tied to the device’s launch criteria.


The issue of user privacy in modern applications should not be bogged down by companies' inability to use modern advances in the field of web3. To access tracking data and control the device, there is no need to authenticate or connect to specific servers.


XRT is a utility token that will allow IoT devices to be managed on top of the Ethereum network and the Robonomics parachain. Some of its use cases include:

Purchase of IOT Subscription:

It will be available in the upcoming Robonomics Web Services. This long-term subscription model for IoT devices enables zero-weight transactions in blockchain.


As an ERC-20 token, you can buy and sell XRT. It is now available on a few major DEXes.


You can also use XRT in Robonomics' unique staking program, which rewards stakeholders while increasing the number of zero-weight transactions for IoT devices.

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