The DeFi 2.0 technology from Kepler has been designed to satisfy the large-scale needs of the decentralized financial ecosystem. This will be a freshly built DeFi platform with robust, fair and trustworthy participation procedures that ensure that everybody participates in the management process.

DeFi 2.0 represents a big and considerable improvement on DeFi 1.0. In that respect, it promotes user participation. Moreso, DeFi2.0 will move DeFi protocols beyond only harvesting mining awards to developing a long-term liquidity contribution sustainable and scalable platform. On such an idea, KeplerSwap is constructed.

In a nutshell, KeplerSwap has various products, The protocol system will include multi-chain and cross-chain interoperability as a project works. Lucky Pool, SPACE, FlashSwap, Dex are all of the products in this protocol. And above all, KeplerSwap has been created on the Binance Smart Chain network as a decentralized financial system.

Let's look at KeplerSwap in a bigger picture, the reason why you should be an early adopter.

Reasons to be an Early Adopter of KeplerSwap?

Liquidity and Yield Profits

Being part of KeplerSwap provides you an entrance into the community, where you participate in their Liquidity Yield Farming.

Gaining Access to Lucky Pool

Earning from Referral Program

If your referral is successful in the system, you also have the right to specific incentives. You will, for instance, receive Jumbo Lucky Pool if your referral takes a top position in the liquidity market.

Being part of the SPACE

About KeplerSwap

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